Wedding Venue Hunting

Ideal vineyard wedding venue. Usually available in Hong Kong at exuberant prices since we don’t have many

Hong Kong. It’s a hassle to choose a date to get married in this city. I never understood what the rush was all about to get a venue, and why people fretted a year before to secure their dream spot. As I started to plan my own wedding I understood. I called a few venues that suited my fiancé and my liking. There were still plenty of available dates left, and luckily there were three available dates for this particular garden venue, and I relaxed and took a few days to discuss and decide before putting down a deposit. Lo and behold, three days later, after having spoken to family and deciding to go for that garden, the staff told me that the three available dates were all gone! Panic. Dream venue gone within three days. The urgency set in.

For the next week I was emailing and calling multiple venues, hoping to secure a place with our ideal date. Nothing quite matched, and the dates they offered were either on a Sunday (we wanted a Saturday), or Friday. We’re not too fussed, so went for those. But after having consulted some online Chinese Feng Shui websites, all the available dates were unsuitable to get married. We consulted a Chinese “Tong Shing” calendar which lists out a year in advance which dates are good for marriage, and which days are not. All the leftover dates were those that were “cursed” by the Tong Shing. I’m not superstitious, but being from a Chinese family and having relatives and friends who are, it’s hard not to follow tradition. If anything does unfortunately go wrong on the wedding date (which it will – it’s a wedding!), the date might get blamed. And I’ll get blamed for having chosen the date. To avoid any self-fulfilling prophesies, I reluctantly am going for a “good” date as stipulated by an ancient calendar which doesn’t appear to have much logic to it. I’m not proud of this irrational behaviour but I am a creature of my culture.  Dawkins would be gawkin.


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