Say Something

There is always that one song that touches a weak spot in your heart and invites you to let go. Usually it’s pain. Occasionally it’s happiness. The emotional ones are more prone to this effect – they find solace in many songs. The stoic ones may cringe at this sudden display of emotion, at the mere provocation by a moving interpretation of a singer.

I’m an emotional one. A Great Big World x Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something” made me cry. The first time I heard it was in a car on a road trip in New Zealand. It was lovely. The wind was blowing, the fields gold, the harmony perfect and strong. Pharrell’s “Happy” came on next on the radio, so the mood died somewhat. But the sombre refrain stayed on.

The images are simple enough. A dying wife, with her heartbroken husband saying goodbye. A scared child despairs as her parents fight. Lovers lying next to each other yet unable to bridge the growing distance between them. Water – as tears, as something lost and unrecoverable. The lyrics – pleading for communication, asking for understanding; threatening to leave. Trying but failing.

Haven’t we all felt these things at one point? We’re so angry at our parents we vow never to travel with them again. We reach a breaking point in a relationship and know it’s time to walk away. We fight with a friend – an abyss begins to form, and we slowly fade out of each other’s lives.

Say something. Hear me out. I’ll try. I love you. But I won’t be around forever.

One random time going through Youtube videos, I came across this:

Even a young child understands. There’s no shame in being moved, or letting a song resonate with what you’re feeling at the moment. The gift of music is that it speaks for us, saying what we haven’t been able to articulate.

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