Student pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong: in Pictures

In the early morning hours of 28 September 2014, Admiralty, near Tamar, students and citizens congregate, some wearing raincoats, googles and face-masks, in protest for democratic elections and true universal suffrage to take place in 2017. Protests continue.

Students and citizens sit on Admiralty Bridge

28.09.2014 – circa 2 am. Students and citizens sit on bridge from Admiralty to Tamar

Police officer with video camera

Police officers standby on Admiralty bridge. Officer on the left holds a videocamera, recording everyone present.

Students+citizens vs police

Students and citizens have a stare down with on-duty police officers

Protesters outside Government Central Offices

28.09.2014 – circa 3am. Protesters fill public space outside Central Government Offices, Admiralty

Girl browses phone

Young girl browses phone during the protest throughout the night

Protesters in conversation

Protesters from an older generation have a conversation

Christians pray in protest area

Christians pray in protest area

Student first aiders

Student first aiders discuss supplies

Protestors under Citic bridge

28.09.2014 – circa 3am. Protestors fill the area under Citic bridge

Student protester equipped with goggles

Student protester is equipped with goggles, a face-mask and disposal raincoat, in case police use pepper spray again

Student slogan about police force

“Before, I would tell my mom I was joining a protest, because there were policemen everywhere. Today, I don’t dare tell my mom I’m joining a protest, because there are policemen everywhere.” – Student slogan implying the changed nature of the police force

Girl holds on to loudspeaker

Girl holds on to loudspeaker

Man in support of student protests

An older man in support of the protests amid students

Protesters in raincoats

Protesters donned in raincoats – not because of rain, but in anticipation of pepper spray from the police force. Such was used during Police’s removal of protestors on Friday night

Police officers survey protestors on Citic bridge

Police officers in uniform and without uniform survey protesters from Citic bridge. Earlier, they cleared out protesters stationed on this bride by force and pepper spray.

Battery charge station

“Charge batteries” – makeshift phone battery charging station by portable chargers

Police and protesters stand-off

28.09.2014 circa 3am Police force and protesters continue stand-off outside Central Government Offices

Slogan - "Resist! Strike!"

Slogan on slight left – “Resist! Strike!” (in reference to the student classroom strike that has been going for for a week)

Man in raincoat

Man donned in raincoat, standing on freeway concrete ledge

Exhausted police

28.09.2014, circa 4am. Exhausted police. The protest that began on Friday night continues till the early morning of Sunday

Tired students

Circa 3am. Tired students sit on the roadside

Supplies tent

The supplies tent provides water, food, face masks, tissues and other essentials. A lot of the supplies are donated by citizens.

A small sticker that reads “the land belongs to the people” is stuck on a traffic signpost

28.09.2014 circa 4am. Red banner for “college student union for political change and awareness”; in the square below, outside Central Government Offices, students sit in protest and discussion.

28.09.2014 circa 4am. A line of police cars wait outside Citic bridge

Latest updates:
  • Several legislative council members arrested morning of 28.09.2014 for trying to bring in audio equipment into protest area Tim Mei Avenue.
  • Joshua Wong Chi-Fung, 17-year-old student leader of the protests and founder of the Hong Kong student activist group “Scholarism”, was arrested Friday night and remains in custody without bail.
  • Protests continue today, Sunday. Police have closed down some roads and areas, disallowing citizens to enter in support for the students and protesters.
More information about the pro-democratic protests that started with a student strike a week ago

BBC – Hong Kong Occupy Central protestors issue demands

SCMP – pro-democracy protests draw support from around the world

New York Times – pro-democracy groups join forces with student protesters

Live feed of Hong Kong protest from Apple Daily

How you can support – sign the White House petition!

Help spread the word.

To Freedom. Of speech, expression, and peaceful demonstration

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