Equality in the Market of Ideas

An important piece about the evolvement of knowledge, science, and how information is conveyed in our time. In our world of instant gratification, influence often trumps knowledge. You can be extremely influential, but that influence comes with great responsibility. e.g. Dr Oz is extremely influential, but he doesn’t always use that power for good. As bloggers it’s important we think about what we share and the impact it has.

Write Science

by Shane L. Larson

Science is a beautiful and inspiring endeavour that has many facets. It satiates a deep and abiding curiosity about the world around us. It expands the boundaries of knowledge. It resolves deep and powerful mysteries about the machinery of the Cosmos. It provides solutions to daunting problems, both abstract and concrete. It teaches us about cause and effect, about predicting the future from the past and the now. It inspires us to think deeply about our place in the Cosmos, and our role in the future of our small planet.

All of these things that science can do are uplifting, and in the end serve to condition our brains to accept the most important feature of science: that science can help us improve the human condition. Medical imaging allows us to diagnose and prepare treatments for conditions that killed our ancestors. Modern vaccines have almost wiped…

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