Groupon Review: Inzpire Beauty Spa, Tsimshatsui

FINALLY! A great spa and massage joint I found through Groupon!

  • Spa rating: 4.5/5
  • Value for dollar: 5/5 (based on Groupon deal)
  • Cleanliness: 5/5
  • Service: 4/5
  • Would I revisit: Yes
  • Status: Recommend

HKD1 = USD7.8 approximate

I went for Inzpire Beauty’s Groupon deal with the usual skepticism of a seasoned consumer/Groupon user. Their deal had the description below: Inzpire Beauty I went with the HKD399 option. It wasn’t that much more expensive and provided an extra slimming treatment on top of the massage and the two treatment items.

Treatment room

In the official photos the rooms look bright and big, but this is more realistic. Still extremely clean and tidy though.

The spa was excellent. Located in a rather dinky building on Cameron Road in Tsimshatsui, the spa facilities were modern and clean. The friendly staff tell me they’ve been open just over a year. The colours of the furnishings are different shades of brown and beige. The atmosphere could feel a bit dim at first, but once you settle in it’s very cozy and comfortable. A lady kept refilling my tea cup and there was no waiting time.

The photos from the Groupon website are quite representative of the spa itself, with the exception that the room I was given was much smaller and dimmer. For the massage I chose lymphatic, because the heat from hot stone therapy might be too dry for my skin. Hot stone massages are generally 5-10% more expensive than normal massages because of the extra work involved, so this could be a chance to try it out.

Massage part: I wasn’t impressed with the massage therapist. Though she was experienced and hit the right spots, her phone rang loudly in the middle of my session and she chatted away for a good couple minutes! A big NO if Inzpire Beauty is trying to position themselves as a higher-class spa. I took off points for service because of this.

Inzpire Beauty's doorway, just before you enter

Inzpire Beauty’s doorway, just before you enter

Facial part: The next therapist was much better, and helped me with the face massage and the slimming treatment. She was professional, friendly, helped analyse my skin and made me feel super relaxed. She had the perfect touch. The face massage was approximately 20 minutes – the therapist first put a cold gel all over my face and then massaged the meridian points. It was top notch. Next was the back-scrub, which was a simple clean and scrub down, but it felt lovely.

A reminder the whole service does not include the usual eyebrow shaping. If you’re aiming to get your eyebrows fixed you’ll need to pay extra. I also wasn’t told what products they used so am not able to comment on the quality of such. Bottom line is I didn’t get any allergic reactions after the treatment.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t sold ANY products or upgrades during my entire treatment. I was able to relax and fully appreciate my time there – a big bonus considering up-selling is a near certainty for joints that advertise through Groupon. The slimming treatment consisted of an RF machine, heated, working on a body part of your choice (legs, tummy, face, etc). It lasts around 30 minutes. Beware –  it could get very hot. Remind your therapist if you feel discomfort at any point. I’m not sure how effective these machines are but when I was going through the process it felt legit.

Overall I loved my spa day here. No one sold me anything. Everyone was friendly. The joint is clean, tidy and really has the potential to upscale themselves. Considering it was only HKD133 (399/3 – which is USD17!) for approximately two hours of spa treatment, which included a massage, facial, back scrub and slimming treatment, it’s well worth a try!

They’re also doing a promotion – if you like their Facebook page and show it to a staff, you get a free hand massage plus hot wax. I might update this post after I’ve tried out the rest of their services.

Thoughts on joining a spa plan generally: no spa can survive on a series of treatments for USD17 per session. It’s not economically viable – for all the labour, product costs, machinery costs and exuberant rent. The aim of businesses using Groupon is to attract new customers. But I also don’t believe in hard-selling – if I think your spa is good, I’ll consider buying your packages. If I sense any aggression in the sales tactics or belittling of the value my Groupon deal during my short time there, I’ll walk. I understand these are competitive times and behind aggression there lies desperation. But that’s not how you win new customers. I wouldn’t want to hand over thousands of dollars to your beauty company anyway if you’re a sinking ship.

So far, Inzpire Beauty hits all the right notes.

Which spas do you like and recommend?

  • Address: Inzpire Beauty, 2/F, Taurus Building, 21A-B Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Tel: 2367 1678
  • Website: (in Cantonese only)
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-10pm; Sat 10am-8pm; Sun 11am-7pm

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8 comments on “Groupon Review: Inzpire Beauty Spa, Tsimshatsui

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  2. I’m not a fan of spas or massages, or even facials. Yes, I’m a perfectly straight girl and I don’t like to beautify myself! Of the few times I’ve gotten a body or neck/shoulder massage, the therapist has always rubbed me too hard, despite my protests to go gentle on me. I’ve heard some say that massages are meant to make your muscles sore (so as to get a ‘workout’) but anything that leaves you in pain should be avoided.

    I’ve never used Groupon because I don’t want to be sucked into uneccessary spending. I am very frugal that way. As much as Groupon is a means for businesses to attract new customers, it’s also for us consumers to get out there and try something new – maybe a new dining joint or a new kind of sport. You never know 🙂

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    • I’m the same with massages! I always tell the therapist to go easy and it always ends up being still too painful. But I’m usually able to find a good balance midway and relax – I likely fall asleep. The feeling afterwards is pure relaxation. But it takes time to find a good therapist and spa that fits.

      Groupon does lead to lots of spending. They have great advertising and crazy deals out there, but truth is consumers end up buying stuff during upselling if they’re not disciplined, and deals that at first look attractive but later is excessive or useless. Lucky there’s a 7 day cooling period for consumers to return coupons if they’ve changed their mind.

      Yes, thanks for raising the point that it’s for us to try something new. Very true. Once I got a Groupon for a couple hours of art making and it was a lot of fun. I did something at a studio I otherwise wouldn’t really spend the time and money to, let alone know about.

      It’s unfortunate that the chances of getting a bad Groupon deal are as high as getting a good one, but bottom line is there are good deals and some excellent businesses out there.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mabel 🙂 you are one savvy consumer!


      • Oh yes. If you fall asleep during a massage you know that they meet your needs and expectations of service. However, I’d be wary of dozing off in a room alone with a therapist of masseuse – you don’t know what they might do to you when you’re fast asleep 😉

        I haven’t heard of the cooling period to return coupons. Then again, as mentioned, I haven’t used Groupon myself, but I don’t know if it’s the same for Groupons all around the world. Recently, one of my friends was lucky enough to get a Lindt chocolate coupon from a similar discount/voucher website, $30 for a big platter of chocolate and hot chocolates for two. She pointed me to the site to get one…but it took every ounce of me to say no. Such deals can be tempting indeed. It’s a fine line between missing out and trying something new.

        It makes sense for companies to offer legitimate Groupon details. If not, I suppose they will face a barrage of bad publicity.

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        • I’m weary of falling asleep too…but so far nothing has happened, and most of the places I’ve visited have been very legitimate 🙂 Sometimes they even give you a locker in the same room to lock up all your valuables, so it feels extra safe.
          The Lindt chocolate deal sounds great! I would have had to muster a lot of will to say not to that too. Like your friend, I might have just gone ahead and bought it.
          That’s how Groupon companies should operate right? For the most part the terms and conditions are clear, but you also have instances where there’s say, a free gift that comes with the deal, but the terms are not clear as to when you get the freebie. Sometimes the company makes you wait, or imposes other extra conditions before you receive the gift. I think that’s a bit dishonest, but the contract terms are not clear. It’s hard to anticipate every scenario based on the description alone.
          I’m writing about Groupon deals because there are some good companies out there, but there are an equal number of bad ones that don’t do business very honestly. I search online for a reviews first before buying anything, but these aren’t always available. If it’s a brand new business, I don’t mind trying and giving my opinion about it. Hopefully, if there are some bad business practices, future consumers will learn how to avoid such, or at least they have been warned!
          Bad publicity is indeed the greatest deterrence, but it’s also easy to have a bad experience and forget all about it. Sharing information is the key here.


        • Terms and conditions are always written in such fine print. It’s no wonder why many of us get sucked into buying a deal. You are right – sometimes special promotions and free gifts don’t live up to the hype, there must be a catch somewhere. For examples, if you won a free online shopping voucher, you might have to pay for “hidden” shipping costs.

          Looking forward to reading more about your Groupon stories!

          Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Mabel! I’m hoping to write more reviews too. It hasn’t really been the blog’s focus but I love writing about the experience and, at least for those in HK, it really helps make an informed decision!


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