HK by night

Photo by pixiedustbeach. All rights reserved.

I’ve walked you a hundred times

Your photo captured by a million more

My heart still soars

Every time your lights shimmer

Steadily adorning the clear night

Hong Kong by night. Daily Post, Weekly Photo Challenge, Nighttime

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15 comments on “Nighttime

  1. Brilliant poem, Pixie. I suppose that’s the Hong Kong skyline? It’s very pretty. I love how your poem feels very ambiguous – could be talking about a person that you like or a place like the one in your photo.

    Pity there’s a lot of pollution and light pollution in the sky. And clouds. Can’t see stars 🙂

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    • Thank you Mabel. Indeed that’s Hong Kong’s famous skyline! I was thinking about the city when writing the poem, but you’re absolutely right – it could very well be a lover.
      The pollution is very sad. We still have blue skies and clear nights but that’s rare now. The norm is smog filled air and a dreary grey harbour front. A night sky donned with a million stars still exists – but you’ll have to venture out deep into the woods to see it.
      Although, this photo was taken after a storm – the air was fresh but humid that night. The low-hanging blanket of clouds was the aftermath of wind and rain.
      Perhaps ‘clear night’ isn’t exactly accurate… 😀


      • As I was looking at this pots, I was actually wondering if the Hong Kong skies were cloudy in the day. You seem to have read my thoughts and answered my question 😀

        I’ve never been to Hong Kong but it is on my to-go list when the time comes (currently saving up for travel trip round the world). The city has a lot of buildings, tall buildings that are ever so modern and look so magnificent. Maybe they are the stars in the sky at night. I hope that the people there do realise that there’s more to beauty than just skyscrapers. I’m sure they do 🙂

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