Groupon Review: Let’Spa (Wanchai, Lockhart Road)

It pisses me off when shady businesses are out there scamming people. You will be exposed.

A spa and massage joint I found through Groupon. Unfortunately, a no-go. Buyer beware.

  • Spa rating: 3/5
  • Therapist rating: 4.5/5
  • Value for dollar: 4/5 (based on Groupon deal)
  • Cleanliness: 4/5
  • Service: 1/5
  • Would I revisit: No
  • Status: Not Recommended
  • Why: dishonest service – misrepresentation of free gift on Groupon advertisement

HKD1 = USD7.8 approximate

I went for Let’Spa’s Groupon deal with the usual skepticism of a seasoned consumer/Groupon user. Their deal had the description below:

Let's Spa Description

I went with the HKD298 option for two treatment sessions. This deal from Let’Spa focuses on their products from Cow Shed, an English brand. Each treatment session includes a simple facial (45 mins), a slimming massage of a body part of your choice (15 mins). This deal also comes with free gifts of a lip stick and a cleanser/toner (see HKD298 deal description below).

Let's Spa Free Gift Description. Note it states clearly that you will get "a 250ml Cow Shed cleanser/toner" and "a 12ml Cow Shed lip stick".

Image 2: Let’Spa Free Gift Description. Note it states clearly that you will get “a 250ml cleanser/toner” and “a 12ml lipstick”.


The spa treatment was simple but acceptable. The lady who helped me had excellent touch, and was meticulous and professional with the facial process. It’s a simple facial – quick cleanse, needlepoint, and finally applying a Cow Shed white leave on mask on the face. The next part involves a 15 min “slimming” massage at a body part of your choice (arms, legs, or tummy). It isn’t anything special – just a more forceful massage than usual, with repeated motions of supposedly “pinching” your fatty parts out.  I added points to the therapist because she was very good.

Furnishings and setting

Located in the basement of a building on Lockhart Road, Wanchai, the location isn’t inspiration. It’s amid rows of bars in the quasi red light district of Wanchai, which could give off a seedy feeling. After walking down a flight of stairs, the Spa itself is modernly adorned with black and sleek overtones, but unfortunately, because of its basement setting, the air is a bit damp and stale.


The reception staff were not too friendly. The first time I went it wasn’t bad, but the Spa left no lasting impression. The HKD298 deal let’s you go twice – I recently went for my second treatment session. This review focuses on the second treatment session.

I was 8 minutes late to my second treatment session – my mistake. The reception staff told me that because I was late, they were going to eliminate my 15 minute slimming massage. I was upset. Turning up on time is important, but cutting out a pivotal part of the treatment because I was 8 minutes late is harsh. Plus, it’s not unusual for customers to have to wait around even if they arrive on time, for staff to get the rooms ready and clean up. I thought the receptionists were taking time-keeping a tad too seriously.

Lo and behold, the therapist herself was 25 minutes late! At this point I’m undressed, and just lying there on the massage bed waiting. We start 25 minutes later than my appointment time.

Luckily the therapist was excellent throughout. I was able to relax and enjoy my time. At one point I expressed to her my dismay and disbelief that the reception staff actually cancelled my 15 minute massage treatment. The therapist apologised and said she’d make it up for me, since she was late herself.

Free gift fiasco and misrepresentation

The Groupon deal I bought clearly stated that I would get a 12ml Cow Shed Lipstick and a 250 Cow Shed Cleanser/Toner. They even had a photo (Image 3) to go with the deal. The white set of “free gifts” corresponds to the HKD298 deal I purchased. The free gift description says “cleanser/toner”. It’s not entirely clear if this is either/or, or both. The photo gives the impression that it is both, while the description is ambiguous.  Image 2 above states clearly that the lip stick would be a free gift.

Photos of the Free Gifts. You can see clearly that it lists out a cleanser, toner, AND a lipstick

Image 3: Photos of the Free Gifts. You can see clearly that it lists out a cleanser, toner, AND a lipstick

The free gift(s) were not provided to me.

The first time I went they said 1) they were out of stock for the cleanser/toner, and 2) I could only receive my free gift after I had finished my second treatment. Fine. This second time, approximately three weeks after my first, Let’Spa STILL said they were out of both cleanser and toner, and will provide an “upgrade” for a shower gel instead. I said no. I did a bit of digging. The shower gel is not an upgrade. In terms of price, it’s a downgrade.

It’s a matter of principle. The description said the gift was to be a cleanser/toner plus lipstick. They should honour the free gift as described in the Groupon deal. In the end they said they’d let me know as soon as possible once the cleanser was available (I stated my choice was the cleanser).

The trickiest bit was the lip stick. On the Groupon deal that I bought and from the screen shots it clearly stated that a lip stick was part of the free gift. They pretended to forget, and tried to shoo me out the door after my treatment. When I asked the receptionists for it, they said that my printed Groupon coupon (Image 4), did not include a lip stick. I said no – that’s not the case. When I bought the Groupon online it clearly said that a lip stick would be included. The price of my printed Groupon (Image 4) also matched the price of the Groupon deal I showed them (Image 2). The online deal has now expired but you can still see the full description.

Let'Spa Voucher

Image 4: Let’Spa Groupon Voucher

The staff were extremely unhelpful. They said I’d have to contact Groupon about this, because they only follow what’s written on the Groupon print out. I showed them the exact same Groupon deal that I got with the same expiration date (the website from the screenshots above), and pointed to them that it clearly said a lip stick was to be included. The receptionist staff (Sue Lee) said they can’t help me with that.

Cardinal sins of Let’Spa:

  • Double standards. Being too harsh and too keen in cancelling part of my treatment session, but allowing their own therapist to be even later than the client was. Only at the kindness of the therapist herself was my 15 minute massage treatment honoured
  • Unavailable free gift as advertised. Till now, I still have not received ANY free gifts from the spa, despite having completed my entire treatment
  • Misrepresentation of what the free gift consists of – clearly on the Groupon deal it said that a cleanser/toner AND lipstick was to be included. Let’Spa staff said the Groupon print-out says otherwise and did not honour the free gift
  • Unhelpful attitude, did not provide any solutions to alleviate the situation, except say that I had to wait indefinitely for the availability of the cleanser

The whole point, from the consumer’s standpoint, of going to a Groupon advertised spa is 1) trying something new, 2) getting a good deal, and 3) discovering new and good joints so that maybe, the consumer will join them for a longer term beauty package. The process has to be pleasant, relaxing, and stress free. If it’s not – why bother?

Let’Spa is NOTHING of the above traits. It was not relaxing, the process was stressful, they were like head-mistresses punishing you for being a bit late (while their own therapist was late), AND they didn’t even have the products as advertised for the promised free gifts. They’ve been stalling for three weeks plus. So not only were they unhelpful and unfriendly – they were also DISHONEST as a business because they could not honour what was advertised on their Groupon deal.


I have no idea how they came up with the HKD3040 original value as advertised on Groupon and have tried to piece it together from their website, but can’t. I would not pay HKD3040 for their two time simple 45 minute facial and 15 minute massage.


Sorry Let’Spa – your only saving grace was the excellent therapist who knew exactly what she was doing and had the best attitude. But you as an entire spa service – MAJOR FAIL.

Buyer beware – you have been warned. Let’Spa does not honour their free gifts. I have yet to receive mine if I’ll receive anything at all. Their staff are not particularly helpful nor friendly.


Thoughts on joining a spa plan generally: no spa can survive on a series of treatments for USD20 per session. It’s not economically viable – for all the labour, product costs, machinery costs and exuberant rent. The aim of businesses using Groupon is to attract new customers. But I also don’t believe in misrepresenting to win customers.

If your spa is good, doing honest work, it will survive. If you do shady business, you WILL get found out and eventually lose customers.

Consumers are very savvy nowadays with available information and research.

Resources in case you are jipped as a customer (in Hong Kong):

Have you ever had some great or shady Groupon experiences that you’d like to share?

  • Let’Spa (Wanchai Branch) – NOT RECOMMENDED
  • Address: Basement, The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
  • Tel: 2866 9221
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-12am
  • Website: http://www.letspa[dot]hk

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7 comments on “Groupon Review: Let’Spa (Wanchai, Lockhart Road)

  1. I am so sorry about this lousy spa experience. Good gosh, most of the staff don’t really know what customer service is. It was great that the therapist decided to make-up for being late, even though another staff said there was no chance of this. It also goes to show the staff don’t seem to be that close-knit and don’t communicate too well between them.

    Part of my work involves attending to customers/clients, and in the instance we can’t meet their requests, we are encouraged to offer an explanation as to why we can’t and check with someone more senior about making things up. The free gift was definitely stated on the coupon black and white, it’s crazy how the staff can simply not check with anyone else in the company about it for you. Maybe you should have asked for their manager.

    Sometimes “free gifts” are only free if you buy something other product from a company. It’s their way of making money, which is very sad for the consumer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mabel, yes it wasn’t the best experience, and I’ll probably never go back, unless it’s for claiming my outstanding freebies 😀
      It’s a pity because from my initial research it seemed like a very cool, modern, friendly spa. The photos looked great. More of a pity was the fact that the therapist was GOOD. She was professional. Had it not been for the receptionists’ attitude and the free gift mess-up I probably would have given it a better rating. HKD149 (AUS21) for a facial and quick massage is a great price.
      I agree they should have sorted it out with a manager. I was told that the lady I last spoke to was a consultant and was already a rank above the receptionists I first spoke with…
      It would have been as simple as acknowledging that there was a discrepancy in the print out, and made up for it with alternatives. It was irresponsible of the spa to ask me to contact Groupon. Clearly it was the spa’s responsibility to make sure their advertising description matched their Groupon print outs.
      It defeats the purpose if a Groupon if a customer leaves unhappy – the spa experience was supposed to be a bliss!
      I’m aware of the free gift baits, and check the fine print before buying to make sure there are no strings attached…as for this deal, there wasn’t. Free gifts were supposed to be given as part of the deal which is why it was all the more alluring.

      Sad spastomer 😦


      • LOL. Outsanding freebies. Legitimate reason to go back 😀 Maybe you should have a word with the Ombudsman about the company and their services. But that would probably be a big hassle on your part.

        You are right. Groupon doesn’t offer or promise the promotions – that is entirely up to the companies. Not knowing about special offers or promotions isn’t an excuse for poor customer service. Trying to sell you a shower gel that didn’t match the price of the promotion is very shady – honesty going out of the window there. You must have felt so cheated :/

        Maybe this spa recently opened and they are still trying to find their feet in doing business and connecting with customers. That could explain their cool attitude. I don’t know, but from your review it sounds like the spa and it’s employees feel that they are very important, more important about their image than their customers.

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    • Attending to customers/clients can be a pain though – I’m sure you’re very competent in your job and can handle difficult customers with much more grace and wisdom than what I experienced!


      • It depends on the difficult customer/client… Somtimes if I raise my voice and sound very firm, then they’ll be quiet and listen. But some of them just outright request that they speak to my manager (probably because I sound like a twelve year old).

        In any business, if the customer asks to speak to a manager, their request should be made. The customer has every right to. Just like you have every right to claim your free gifts.

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  2. I hear you Mabel! I just stepped out of Lets spa CWB. It’s the same for CWB branch! I bought a 10 times so called back setting treatment. The first time it was really excellent and as most of the OLs in HK back problem has always been an issue. So I thought if it works ok I will go for it at an average cost of slightly over $1300 per session, YES!!! They charged that ridiculous price! Now I know some of you might think it would be my own choice even if they sell me, but the problem is, I do like the first service and they said the lady who did that for me is a long term staff there so she will keep finishing my treatment for me. Now here is the trick cos they were only verbally saying that but I really thought they have a team of stable staff, but guess what? Up till today I left with 4 sessions and gu as what? I have had 5 different so called long term staff setting my bones for me. Now here is the problem:

    1) each new bone setter will say to you we need to check your back so basically I have been checked at least 5 times but the check up time is all on my treatment hours
    2) after the first bone setter left the ones came after were terrible, the turnover of staff is the issue and they do not know how to set bones instead they gave me a more than usua massage session which cost around $300 . Now this is what i called ripped off!!
    3) each bone setter would sell me different things and even told me they will be in trouble if they don’t sell me anything successfully because I only have one treatment plan on hand with them! What???? I was like you must be kidding me!
    4) there were one bone setter who even steal my time by saying let me teach you some exercise by doing so she ripped me off for 25 mins of my treatment time. There after because the sales team out there have been changed so the supervisor basically force me to have a word with her on the little ” negotiation” room for an upgrade of my plan! Which I strongly refused!
    5) no service or poor service is all I have experienced so far. And I fully understand Mabel’s frustration on the part where they cut your session. Hey guess what? I was late for 10 mins and they cut 10 mins off my treatment ok fine my fault for being late right? But when I arrived there I would have expected they have the room all ready and the bone setter is waiting for me since I’m burning my own time but guess what? She wasn’t even ready yet and after I got changed I still have to wait for another 15 mins but you know what? That time they wanted to take into my treatment hour???????? Totally ridiculous!!! This is definitely the worst spa I have ever went to !

    Honestly I still have a lot more after around 8 sessions with them but to name a few you would have a great idea of what kind of scam they are having behind doors. And I would high NOT RECOMMEND anyone to go not even trying out their groupon deals! You will only leave with horrible experience! Never ever will I get anything from them or another beauty parlour . It’s just way too scary.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no – sorry you had to go through such an awful experience Mika! So the spa has bone setters now? That’s so strange! Hope you eventually find better facial and spa experiences. They aren’t all that bad 🙂


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