Yes, Penguins are Edible

Penguin Pizza

Too cute to devour. But hoping it brings a smile to the beginning of your week.

Whoever thought roquette makes such good penguin hair?!

From our favorite HK theme park, Ocean Park. 


22 comments on “Yes, Penguins are Edible

  1. Oh my. That is such a cute little pizza. Sob, I wonder how you managed to eat that. I hope it tasted good? It would be a pity if it didn’t 😀 I hope there were other pizza characters on the menu, that would be a fun menu, fun place to eat especially for kids.

    It looks as though there is some fake crab meat on the pizza (so as to give it a seafood taste, perhaps), if I’m not mistaken. That’s quite popular with many Asians. I love fake crab meat, eventhough most of it is processed flour.

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    • We were very brutal Mabel. I took the honour the split Mr Penguin into uneven quarters and was very sad to see it go. But…it was delicious. Especially the flippers. The extremities were crusty, thin and perfect. I feel sad saying that 😦
      I didn’t see other characters but that would be a great idea! The kids did love the restaurant – it faces a live penguin zoo and one of the glass windows was a penguin pool on the other side. No wonder people wait hours for a table…
      There’s no crab meat I’m afraid – it was a tomato, mozzarella and basil combo with roquette at the top. Though I do love fake crabmeat. Especially in noodle soup, salads, and yes, pizza 🙂 if in pizza I’ve only had it in Hawaiian pizza, the ones that have pineapple in it too.


      • Oh no….! Mr Penguin met a cruel and sad end 😦 I hope he went with a smile and I’m sure he did – he was a pizza after all and lived up to it’s gastronomic promise. I love thin-based pizzas too. I would totally have enjoyed him.

        Restaurants should really be more creative with their pizzas. Round pizzas are so common. That would up the ante in the pizza-making business. I’m a grown adult and I really want to visit that restaurant you went to – penguins on show. I hope the food prices weren’t too pricey, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

        All sorts of toppings go well with pizza 🙂 In Melbourne, many fast-food pizza places heap a lot ham on top and they are very dripping oily. But go to a gourmet pizza place, it’s a much different, yummier story.

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        • Mr Penguin was grastromomically perfect. He sacrificed himself for an honourable cause! Yes – thin crust is the way to go. One of the best I’ve had is simply a thin, chewy crust with fresh basil, mozzarella and tomato sauce. No frills but so true to the original flavour.

          I would imagine it to be quite tough to make creative shaped pizzas the norm, purely because of the circular motion used by some traditional chefs with the bread/dough. Nowadays most pizza is pre made anyway, but for those who are loyal to the art and still hand toss the dough and stone oven cook everything, penguin shaped or any irregular shape would be a challenge. Though I think creative shaped ones could definitely carve a market for itself – especially targeting kids and those who appreciate food art 🙂

          The restaurant is called Tuxedo, in Ocean Park. It’s not overly pricey – probably on par with Melbourne normal prices. I do recommend a visit if you ever make a trip here Mabel! I don’t know how you feel about captivated animals .. But if you’re ok with zoos this restaurant is special. One of the only ones if not the only one that offers complimentary penguin viewing.

          What’s a good gourmet pizza place you suggest in Melbourne?


        • “gastronomically perfect”. And he sacrified himself for the pleasure of others. Very honourable of Mr Penguin indeed. sob Sometimes it’s just so hard to eat food.

          Thick and thick crusted pizzas are very popular in Singapore and Malaysia, especially in the Pizza Huts over there. The few times I’ve eaten pizza here I could barely taste the toppings. Mouth after mouth I was tasting bread and more bread.

          I would suggest head down to Lygon Street for hand-made, gourmet pizzas. That’s the Italian precinct in Melbourne, and in some restaurants here you can watch the chefs spin the pizza dough in the air and you are assured of quality pizza. Which you would expect since many Italian migrants own and run the pizza parlours along this street. There’s a Dominoes pizza franchise store near this street that sells large pizzas for $5…I would avoid that.

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  2. It looks like it was absolutely delicious, and I love the entire concept. I am, however, in that silly way that I have, wondering what the live penguins next door were thinking if they could see you through the glass, munching down on cousin Bob. They were probably thinking, “He was always an ugly sucker, but he sure didn’t deserve that!” Sorry, it’s just the way my mind works. Read you later.

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    • That’s actually a very emphatic way to think about it. I mean, switch roles and if humans were the ones swimming in the pool and being observed by say, super intelligent penguins in an alternate universe, I don’t think they’d like to see a pizza of themselves on a platter either…and a naked one nonetheless! Food for thought…


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