My Testimony – 6/Nov in Mong Kok

Perspective from here. Umbrella protests continue.

The Real Hong Kong News

The Real Hong Kong News

6th November, 2014

My Testimony – 6/Nov in Mong Kok

(Submitted by Jimmy Lam)

Protester’s blood – evidence of police brutality

I went to Mong Kok from Admiralty last night, and all the pictures were taken during the early hours of 6th November – I witnessed the whole event.

As I arrived Mong Kok around mid-night, I could see a stand-off between the protesters/occupiers and the police. The stand-off started because some protesters pointed their camera flash lights at the police and continued to film with their flash lights switched on after police warning. The discontent police, together with their colleagues from the Regional Anti Triad Unit (RATS) charged towards the crowd and used violence against the protesters (footage available on i-Cable News). A large group of upset occupiers and protesters went to the front line and demand justice. At the early stage…

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