On influencing those you teach: a competitive gymnast turned coach’s story of endurance, healing, and teaching the sport she loves

North Loves South

I’ve recently finished another coaching season.  I coach high school gymnastics and have done so for the past three years. At the end of my season I reflect on how things went down.  I ask myself ‘Is there anything I could have done differently?’  These questions can keep me up at night.

This isn’t my first coaching gig.  I have been coaching gymnastics or cheerleading for twelve years.  Being a high school coach takes commitment, hard work, and most importantly patience.  It requires you to put your all into the short time you have together, while keeping in mind that some of the people you are coaching will never be as dedicated as you.  When they miss practice to go to their yearly dentist appointment and you wonder why they couldn’t schedule it three weeks later, you have to take a deep breath and remember ‘They are not…

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