How this blog started

I didn’t have anything particular to write about when I started blogging. I had some spare time and wanted to do something consistent. I love paper, writing, reading and have stacks of crumply old journals in my room, and asked myself – what have you done consistently and kept going back to over these years? Writing. It’s always been writing. I enjoy a good novel, appreciate good prose, and though am not a professional writer have always found comfort in putting things onto paper. Writing helps clear the mind and put things into perspective. Reading what others write also lets me explore their world, and what a privilege that is.

What this blog is for

One of my favourite pastimes is star gazing. Sounds cheesy, because though the “when you look at a star you’re looking at history of a billion years” phrase…

Well, that was my original blurb for this ‘about’ page. It wasn’t informative, wasn’t about anything particular, so I’m now providing a more focused purpose after reading tips from timethief. I was originally going to let the blog develop organically and write whatever comes to mind, but I think it helps to have a theme to work on.

Here are the major topics you’ll find me posting about:

  • Relationships (friendships and family)
  • General commentary on books, city life
  • Wedding planning

…mostly in the context of living in Hong Kong. The wedding bit just coincides with what I’m going through in life right now. Relationships and building better ones is what I’m interested in and see it as a lifelong lesson. I’m currently reading some of John Gottman’s books on psychology/relationships and find them insightful. If you have any other reading suggestions I’d love to hear them.

How I’m blogging

Anonymously, or trying to. It’s the only way I can write freely without worrying how friends and family will feel. I say ‘trying to’ because I’ve already broken the plan by telling one good friend. So far no one else knows and I’ll try to keep it this way. As background information, my mother tongue isn’t English. I think very comfortably in English but my daily life consists of speaking a lot in Cantonese, and occasionally it’s hard for me to find the right words to express an idea – because it’s in Cantonese in my head!

Navigating this blog

I’ve created an all posts page which you can access at the top right tab. This lists out all the posts by category, in alphabetical order. If you’re interested in a certain topic, it might be easiest to look for it there. There’s always the search function at the top right corner too!


Note that all work on this site, including photos (unless where the source of a photo from the internet is given) is copyrighted. No reproduction is allowed without my express written consent.


Thanks for visiting.


36 comments on “About

  1. Your About page served as a wake-up call for me.

    It makes me rethink, to change my goals in my blog. I’m still starting, yet I didn’t even had any topics related to my interests — just Blogging101 and Writing101 courses.

    Btw, as far as I am concern, I’m not a fan of publicizing my blog to my friends too. I felt your worriness as your friends seemed to know you differently. Time will come, and who knows where will your blog lead into after a year.

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    • Hi Kennneth, while I do think it helps to have a theme, there are blogs I see that don’t have a specific theme that do very well too. It’s ok to start with one or two things (Blogging101/Writing101!), find out what you’re interested in, and go from there.
      I’m comfortable writing anonymously for now, but you’re right, I’m not sure how this will go in the future.
      Thanks for visiting!

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  2. Hi Pixie! I found you as you probably know on the Community Pool and am captivated by your writing. The way you flow your words together–it’s beautiful. But then I just read this page and I am amazed to find that English is not your native language. I am humbled by you. I’m so glad I found your site.

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    • Very happy to make your acquaintance here too Cindy. Thank you for your encouragement about my writing and I’m very humbled you found my site worth reading. Hope to see and learn more of you too!


  3. After all the corresponding, and I realized I had never seen your “About” page. Thought it was about time, so here I am. Like one of the earlier commentators, I also had no idea English was not your mother tongue, so Kudos (not because English is so special, but because you do it so well). I live in Vancouver and by latest counts, there are more Cantonese-speaking Vancouverites than English-speaking so the question is, “Why don’t I speak any Cantonese?” I guess that’s something I should be looking into. For now though, I’ve got some writing I’ve got to get to, so I hope you’re well, stay healthy, keep writing, and I’ll read you later.

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    • Thank you David! Well well Cantonese isn’t really on anyone’s “to learn” list, but it is a fun language so let me know if you ever decide to pick it up! It’s interesting, knowing two languages. There are some things I can only express in Cantonese, but as I grow older and learn things in English there are equally some things that are difficult to explain in Cantonese when translating. I think the former is more common though. That’s true, Vancouver is very Cantonese heavy now I hear…
      Keep writing and have a great holiday!


      • I spent incredibly amazing two weeks in Hongkong. One of my best friends was born there so I had the best possible guide 🙂 Travelling really is something that makes sense from my point of view, it´s where most of my money goes 🙂 I will be off to London in a week, hope I will take some good shots there 🙂

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        • Those are the best guides, the ones who know the city and are your friends! Traveling is amazing – I think it really opens people’s eyes. Have fun in London – I look forward to the shots there!


    • Nice to meet you too Steve 🙂 Mong Kok! Great choice, it’s very busy but also has lots happening in such tiny space. Very action packed. I’m very happy to hear you liked your time here.


    • Hi Ruta, thanks for stopping by! I love your blog too and can see you really have a passion for traveling. I hope you get to visit everything on your bucket list and can’t wait to hear all about it. Pixie

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  4. You had me at your first paragraph! Here I am nodding all the way through and thinking, “hey this is someone who really gets me!” Thanks for putting it into words perfectly! I am also interested in relationship but not an expert, haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ditto Nadya, when I read your about page! Stacks of journals? Check. Finding solace in putting ink to a page? Check. I really liked how you described writing as a way to explore your own life and reading as a way of exploring others’ lives 🙂 Like minds! I’m no expert but I’d like to think if I can master all relationships I can master anything.


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