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  1. Anonymous Blogging
  2. Blogamorphasis: what this blog is morphing into
  3. Fight that Urge
  4. No blog is an island: recommendations
  5. Nomination: One Lovely Blog Award
  6. You Never Know


  1. A new year: hope in a very messed up world
  2. Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  3. Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale – Our Possible Terrifying Future
  4. Book Review: The Happiness of Pursuit
  5. Challenging our own assumptions
  6. Film Review: Two Days, One Night
  7. Film Review: Wild Tales
  8. God, are you a Misogynist?
  9. Interstellar: Movie Review
  10. Oliver Sacks
  11. On culture: what I learned from the man who mistook the garbage bin for a sink (I)
  12. On culture: what I learned from the man who mistook the garbage bin for a sink (II)
  13. Scandal
  14. Two easy things we can do now to save ourselves: quitting plastic

Groupon Reviews

  1. Groupon Review: Health Touch Foot Spa (Causeway Bay)
  2. Groupon Review: Inzpire Beauty Spa (Tsimshatsui)
  3. Groupon Review: Let’s Spa
  4. Revisiting Mioggi Spa, Hong Kong
  5. Studio 52 via Groupon – London Photoshoot
  6. Worst Spas in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

  1. Apple Daily news website hacked
  2. Best Spas in Hong Kong
  3. Beyond the seas and skies – by Beyond
  4. Hong Kong Protests for Democratic Elections – Photo Highlights
  5. International journalist Paula Bronstein of Getty taken by Hong Kong Police
  6. One of the Most Densely Populated Cities in the World: Hong Kong
  7. Road to democracy: the unfolding of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution
  8. Student Pro-Democracy Protests September 2014
  9. Student Pro-Democracy Protests (28.09.2014)
  10. Umbrella Revolution: erosion of impartial reporting, police beating footage and truth seeking amid chaos
  11. Victory: TVB’s reporters issue open letter condemning tampering with impartial reporting
  12. Waiting


  1. Food Art: Penguins are Edible
  2. Poetry x Photography: Till we meet again
  3. Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art
  4. Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy
  5. Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime
  6. Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction
  7. Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity
  8. Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs (for Freedom)


  1. Choice Theory
  2. Discipline and grit
  3. Hey what about me?! – Exploring the mind of a man who didn’t give me his card
  4. Managing Oneself
  5. Our Faulty Memories: Do Not Trust Everything You Believe To Have Happened


  1. Are You Always Late?
  2. Dust to Dust
  3. On pre-marriage counselling
  4. Say Something
  5. Things I want you to know: letter to my broken-hearted friend
  6. Trusting Strangers
  7. Waiting
  8. Women Friendships – Go to the Source During Conflict


  1. Invalid Portraits of Hong Kong
  2. My testimony: 6/Nov in Mong Kok
  3. Write Science: Equality in the Market of Ideas


  1. Motherhood, Wedding Kids’ Policy, Diplomacy
  2. Wedding Expo – Hong Kong
  3. Wedding Kids’ Policy (Part 1)
  4. Wedding Kid’s Policy (Part 2)
  5. Wedding Planning 101
  6. Wedding Venue Hunting