Invalid Portraits of Hong Kong

Glimpse into my city by talented wanderlust writer The Squeaky Robot

The Squeaky Robot

From the icy airplane window Hong Kong looks like an infection. High up we are afforded rare macroscopic glimpses of the Earth, its geology a painting and the plane’s small windows the frame. We puncture thick clouds and through the mist see what teases us down below – cerulean water and deep emerald peaks that surround and infiltrate Hong Kong City. And then there’s the city. Tall sharp apartment buildings arranged in vaguely swastika-like and diamond formations; even higher sky scrapers stand with presence as if surveying their dominion, one of the most economically advanced in the world. Scale is lost on this disease – what seems large from an airplane window is impossibly, swallowingly large from the ground. And these thousands of buildings look like an army invading something, erupting from the soil, crawling out from the sea, and then plunging a red lotus flag into The Peak. One…

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On influencing those you teach: a competitive gymnast turned coach’s story of endurance, healing, and teaching the sport she loves

A new year: hope in a very messed up world

Happy New Year dear Bloggers. I wish you a year of health, happiness and peace.

I’d have liked to announce that 2014 was a fabulous year, but I can’t honestly say that with a straight face. Much of 2014 news was tough to stomach. Continue reading


A few years ago when I had just broken up with my long-term boyfriend, a well-intentioned Christian friend came up and said to me, “Beware of falling into sin in this difficult time.” [Warning: explicit content ahead]

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Dust to Dust

All your acting / Your thin disguise / All your perfectly delivered lines / They don’t fool me / You’ve been lonely / Too long

Our image of romantic love evolves. I used to want the all encompassing, drama-filled, crazy can’t-live-without-you love. As I got older Continue reading

My Testimony – 6/Nov in Mong Kok

Perspective from here. Umbrella protests continue.

The Real Hong Kong News

The Real Hong Kong News

6th November, 2014

My Testimony – 6/Nov in Mong Kok

(Submitted by Jimmy Lam)

Protester’s blood – evidence of police brutality

I went to Mong Kok from Admiralty last night, and all the pictures were taken during the early hours of 6th November – I witnessed the whole event.

As I arrived Mong Kok around mid-night, I could see a stand-off between the protesters/occupiers and the police. The stand-off started because some protesters pointed their camera flash lights at the police and continued to film with their flash lights switched on after police warning. The discontent police, together with their colleagues from the Regional Anti Triad Unit (RATS) charged towards the crowd and used violence against the protesters (footage available on i-Cable News). A large group of upset occupiers and protesters went to the front line and demand justice. At the early stage…

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Equality in the Market of Ideas

An important piece about the evolvement of knowledge, science, and how information is conveyed in our time. In our world of instant gratification, influence often trumps knowledge. You can be extremely influential, but that influence comes with great responsibility. e.g. Dr Oz is extremely influential, but he doesn’t always use that power for good. As bloggers it’s important we think about what we share and the impact it has.

Write Science

by Shane L. Larson

Science is a beautiful and inspiring endeavour that has many facets. It satiates a deep and abiding curiosity about the world around us. It expands the boundaries of knowledge. It resolves deep and powerful mysteries about the machinery of the Cosmos. It provides solutions to daunting problems, both abstract and concrete. It teaches us about cause and effect, about predicting the future from the past and the now. It inspires us to think deeply about our place in the Cosmos, and our role in the future of our small planet.

All of these things that science can do are uplifting, and in the end serve to condition our brains to accept the most important feature of science: that science can help us improve the human condition. Medical imaging allows us to diagnose and prepare treatments for conditions that killed our ancestors. Modern vaccines have almost wiped…

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God, are you a misogynist? On winning the war on women

The amount of violence in this world against women baffles me. Although we live in an age where there is an unprecedented number of women in power – e.g. first German chancellor Angela Merkel, USA second-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, IMF managing director Christine Lagarde, just to name a few – there continues to be a stark inequality prevalent in society between the male and female gender. Violence/inequality/fear – these are some of the words that pop up when I think about my female identity amid a developed, cosmopolitan city. Continue reading

In solitude we are real

Anonymous Blogging

When I started this blog I contemplated linking it to my real profile. Finally decided against it because I will never be able to write what is true. I will self-censor, editing away the parts I fear will hurt or damage, deleting those moments that I find too embarrassing Continue reading