Managing Oneself

Choices are tough. If you don’t have any choices you’re left feeling trapped. If you have two or more choices there’s always the fear of making the wrong one. How do you manage yourself? What are ways to stay true to the self, not succumb to external pressure and be at peace even when you close a certain door?  Continue reading


Film Review: Two Days, One Night

[Warning: potential spoilers]

I’m biased. Anything with Marion Cotillard in it immediately raises the film a notch in my critical eye. But this independent, local-centric Belgian movie is truly a rare display of excellent acting and the delicate treatment of employment post-depression. Continue reading


Challenging our own assumptions

2, 4, 8. These numbers follow a rule. Can you tell me what the rule is I have in mind?

Veritasium is the creator behind this wonderful little video. I love browsing through his stuff because he challenges common ideas and comes up with (alternative) logical explanations. He’s a truth seeker and in my eyes, a scientist.

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