Film Review: Two Days, One Night

[Warning: potential spoilers]

I’m biased. Anything with Marion Cotillard in it immediately raises the film a notch in my critical eye. But this independent, local-centric Belgian movie is truly a rare display of excellent acting and the delicate treatment of employment post-depression. Continue reading


On culture: what I learned from the man who mistook the garbage bin for a sink (Part 2)

Everyone acts quite differently in private than in public. In private we feel comfortable picking our noses, gargling Listerine, walking around naked, having sex, singing in the shower, relieving ourselves of number one and two. How private we are about these matter depends on our upbringing, culture, and prevailing social norms. Continue reading

On culture: what I learned from the man who mistook the garbage bin for a sink (Part 1)

He was right in front of me. He had a heavy gold chain with the face of some Asian god around his neck, was balding at the crown of his head but sported longish, slick oily hair up to his neck, peppered with grey. He wore a red polo T-shirt, close fitted to his frame and strung around his neck was some sort of plastic employee tag on his breast pocket, a mini-photo of himself printed on it. He must have been a tour guide, or perhaps a driver. He wasn’t very tall, but despite his apparent age of around 60 he looked somewhat toned and strong, but greasy at the same time. Potentially the type that got into fights if the situation called for it. Grey pants, the typical old-man suit fashion, held up by a belt. I couldn’t remember his shoes. I didn’t look at his feet. But sandals would have been fitting with the look. Continue reading