Beyond the seas and skies – by Beyond

I grew up not appreciating Cantonese pop (Canto pop). Lyrics were cheesy, melodies repetitive, MTVs tacky.

Not Beyond’s songs. They’re timeless. The content dreamy, encouraging, brave. 海闊天空 (Beyond the seas and skies) is a song played often during the protests. I’m filled with an equal rush of hope, sadness and energy when I hear it. If you grew up in Hong Kong, if you know this song, upon hearing 海闊天空 you too may uncontrollably mumble along.


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Signs for freedom

A walk through Hong Kong’s Umbrella Protests via signs by the people.

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Road to democracy: the unfolding of Hong Kong’s umbrella revolution

Why are Hong Kong students on the streets? Why aren’t university students and high-schoolers attending classes, and instead studying on make-shift tables on the once busy streets of Hong Kong? Why are they camping out on tram tracks and bus routes instead of sleeping at home? A lot of them 15 to 18 year olds. The best time of their lives. A time for learning, choosing their majors, going out with friends. What are they doing hogging the streets and disrupting quotidian life?    Continue reading