Choice Theory: The Key To Improving Relationships

A well known psychologist, the late Dr. William Glasser, thinks we’re dealing with human relationship problems the wrong way. His book, Choice Theory, gives us an alternative on how to improve the way we interact with one another to produce a happier life.  Continue reading


Oliver Sacks

Who is Oliver Sacks?

The author of The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat and many other books on neurology and psychiatry, Oliver Sacks, M.D., has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He estimates himself having a couple more months. But like living his life, he’s determined to leave the world with a roar, passionately, and savouring every moment.

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Discipline and grit

For the most part people succeed because of their discipline.

Not because they are particularly smart or talented, but because they stuck to what they did.

Malcolm Gladwell touched upon this in his book Outliers, quoting the magic 10,000 hours. To get really good at something, like expert level good, go spend 10,000 hours on it. Continue reading

Our faulty memories: do not trust everything you believe to have happened

Did someone order Peking Duck?

My uncle, Alan, and I were having dinner along with a some relatives. The topic of good restaurants came up, and uncle Alan insisted that I had treated a bunch of people to an awesome Chinese restaurant (Restaurant A) a couple of months back.

“Uncle Alan, it wasn’t me – I swear I wasn’t there.” Continue reading