Road to democracy: the unfolding of Hong Kong’s umbrella revolution

Why are Hong Kong students on the streets? Why aren’t university students and high-schoolers attending classes, and instead studying on make-shift tables on the once busy streets of Hong Kong? Why are they camping out on tram tracks and bus routes instead of sleeping at home? A lot of them 15 to 18 year olds. The best time of their lives. A time for learning, choosing their majors, going out with friends. What are they doing hogging the streets and disrupting quotidian life?    Continue reading


Groupon Review: Health Touch Foot Spa (Causeway Bay)

What pisses me off: shady businesses and ads that misrepresent. E.g. YouTube videos inviting you to click into a link for “the happiest dog in the world”, only for you to find out that said video has nothing to do with “happiness”, “dogs”, “world” or any of the above combinations Continue reading

Revisiting Mioggi Spa, Hong Kong

In a previous post about the Mioggi Spa located at K-11 shopping mall (Tsimshatsui) I gave it a poor review. After revisiting the spa again to finish the remaining services of my HKD189 Groupon deal, my assessment changed somewhat for the better. In fairness, I’m posting this follow-up review to give consumers the complete picture. Continue reading

Wedding Planning 101

Lovely wedding cake, but expect to splurge HKD300-500 (USD38-65) per pound

Lovely wedding cake, but expect to splurge HKD300-500 (USD38-65) per pound

Hong Kong wedding planning. There are so many things to be aware of. I’m writing this post to warn those about to get married of the pitfalls to avoid.

The Ring

Guys: go to a jeweller you trust. Ideally not those chain store jewellers you see every 100 meters like the one that recently published an advertisement based in Cambodia, because you’ll end up getting butchered. Think of how much they spend on the storefront, the ads, the staff that wait on you with tea the moment you walk into the store. It’s not what you should be paying for. Do your research online about the 4Cs, go onto websites like to get an idea of the price range, then look at the brick and mortar stores to see if you can get a good deal. If you’re buying from Hong Kong I say make use of the relatively cheap but high quality workmanship here on diamond ring settings. You’ll get the best Continue reading

Wedding Venue Hunting

Ideal vineyard wedding venue. Usually available in Hong Kong at exuberant prices since we don’t have many

Hong Kong. It’s a hassle to choose a date to get married in this city. I never understood what the rush was all about to get a venue, and why people fretted a year before to secure their dream spot. As I started to plan my own wedding I understood. I called a few venues that suited my fiancé and my liking. There were still plenty of available dates left, and luckily there were three available dates for this particular garden venue, and I relaxed and took a few days to discuss and decide before putting down a deposit. Lo and behold Continue reading