Blogamorphasis: what the pixiedustbeach blog is slowly morphing into

Blogging 101’s first task had some interesting questions. Here are my thoughts:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

    All things wedding delight me (most of the time)

    • I love journals and paper. I’ve always wrote out of sheer pleasure, scribbling into blank pages and writing snail mail cards. But the older I got, time became ever more precious, and there was no longer the luxury to regularly sit in a café with a coffee in hand and write. Journaling gave way to parties, relationships, and being in the moment. Times also changed – we have entered into an age where solitude gave way to interaction. It needs to be facebooked/instagrammed/twittered to have happened. I’m done with Facebook though. To me it was addictive, a time-waster, and didn’t add value to life. Tiring being in a self-created spotlight, displaying the good and hiding the bad. Or it went the other way, and became someone’s space to vent about every misfortune. All in digestible bite sizes – Facebook stories are feeds, seldom articles. Statuses became trivial. Everything was news, including the latest slice of apple pie from Starbucks. Apps made it easy to scroll first thing in the morning, making passive consumption the norm, and creating content the exception. There is the beauty of staying in touch with friends and relatives afar. But I’m not sure it necessarily brought people closer together. It was an excuse not to phone, write, or email, if anything. There was no middle ground, there was the ever changing privacy policies, and an ever invasive news feed.
    • Then I discovered blogging. Is it different than Facebook? Yes! A good middle ground it seemed. Reading people’s thoughts, choosing what to follow, finding like minded thinkers and also those that challenged my world view. A place for interacting, yet without the pressure of maintaining an already existing image. It’s great not to be force-fed information. I’m blogging anonymously, but for those who know me well enough and stumble across my blog, there are hints here and there about who I am. Still, I love the freedom to write relatively carefree.
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
    • I’ve mentioned this in about. I’m writing about relationships, wedding planning, and increasingly, reviews about services I use. These are mostly in the context of Hong Kong. But occasionally I’ll write about a general topic which isn’t geographically specific.
    • In the “All Posts” tab you’ll find a list of all my posts.
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
    • People who have similar views, and people who challenge my own views. While groupthink is comfortable I fear

      Say no to excessive groupthink

      thinking like everyone else. I used to be in a space where everyone had to conform, stand in line, product the exact same results. There was no room for error. Mistakes were shunned. It wasn’t what I wanted. I’m hoping to explore different ways of thinking, express my views, receive encouragement and see how people think. There’s many ways to view the same event. I’m also writing about service reviews of places that I’ve been to, because I often find reviews online lacking or riddled with marketing overtones. Honest, candid reviews are hard to come by!

  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?
    • An increased readership, more interaction with fellow bloggers, and exploring more blogs that inspire and speak truth about where they are from. It’s such a vast and diverse community. I’ve only started a short while and am pretty excited already. What people can do by their sheer determination and creativity is amazing. There are some blogs out there with a sleek, structured, unified theme. I’m hoping mine can be like that someday.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading!

How about you – what’s your blog all about?


8 comments on “Blogamorphasis: what the pixiedustbeach blog is slowly morphing into

  1. I think I found your blog searching for “travel” and read some of your pieces about places in Hong Kong. I think a blog is soooo different from Facebook! You can be really specific about who you interact with, and it’s more for sharing ideas and writing than what you had for breakfast…
    I share a blog with two of my friends, we have pretty diverse interests so the blogs are a little all-over-the-place. Mine have been about products (makeup), books, and travel. I’m returning to school for a Masters right now so I’ll probably end up writing about that a bit as I get more stressed out! lol

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    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I completely agree that blogs are different from Facebook. I much prefer this. It’s great you interact with your friends via blogs – must be cool to read about each other’s interests. I haven’t ventured out telling friends about this blog, very few know, so am generally writing for myself and anonymously finding people interested in the material. I like writing reviews about services, because nothing gets me more frustrated than a shady business that doesn’t deliver what it advertises! This is a general space to warn other consumers not to make the same mistakes I make. I appreciate others writing reviews on eg trip advisor, yelp and I think the web is a great place for honest feedback. Will look at some of your writing. Congrats on beginning the masters course!


  2. Totally agree with your take on facebook, I have an account still but really use it as an address book and I drop the very occasional post. I think your opinion of it is spot on actually, everything is news and status. I am also trying to blog anonymously, but I think I’ve given away too much already in terms of pictures etc that people I know would recognise.

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    • facebook is useful as a means to get in touch – thing is everyone has an account and it’s kind of anti-social to not have one…but yes, no to mere news and status.

      Would you be worried if someone you knew found out? Would they be intrigued by what you write or possibly surprised?


      • lol, depends how far back they read or what posts they read, there are some that wouldn’t be taken very well I don’t think. Also the way people I know in r/l thing of me and see me, wouldn’t (in some posts) be recognisable as me, that beach post for example, totally innocent that that level of detail is not the person they see.


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