Dust to Dust

All your acting / Your thin disguise / All your perfectly delivered lines / They don’t fool me / You’ve been lonely / Too long

Our image of romantic love evolves. I used to want the all encompassing, drama-filled, crazy can’t-live-without-you love. As I got older this ideal gave way to a preference for a slower, gentler, more comfortable kind of love. I no longer invite the fights and the tears. Communication and tacit understanding trumps all drama. Love is most eminent through mundane yet caring actions. Maybe I’m getting old. But it feels right. I feel at home.

This song caught my ears because the two voices go beautifully together. The singing is a murmur, barely audible, but it blends seamlessly with the steady guitar. The lyrics focus on isolation and loneliness, but also exemplify acceptance and vulnerability. While you shouldn’t dive into a relationship simply because you’re lonely, there’s also a certain miracle when you meet someone and they understand your solitude. They don’t want to fix you, rescue you, demean your state. They just acknowledge the hurt you’ve been through, see through the walls you’ve built, and offer quiet companionship.

Cheers to The Civil Wars. Pity they’ve disbanded.

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9 comments on “Dust to Dust

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  2. I agree with the earlier commentator who said everything is just perfect. Song, video, lyrics, all of it. Excellent. This was the first I heard of your upcoming nuptials, so let me congratulate both you and the groom, and wish you the best. May you have a long, and very happy life together. Read you later.


    • Thank you dbp49 for the kind wishes, I’m very excited about it all.
      Very happy too that you found the song “perfect”, that’s quite a feat 🙂
      Sometimes there are just times when you come across a tune that resonates with you. I love those moments. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, even after multiple listens.


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